Tuesday’s Curve-Ball

There’s a new special something in my life. It’s cute, it’s red, and I think we’re really going to hit it off. It’s sitting right next to me and it’s name is: Blackberry Curve.

As I’m sure you have guessed, you being the capable and intelligent readers I know you to be, my new cell phone came today. Zipadeedoodah! That being said, today’s post is woefully short. I have a metric ton of names and phone numbers to transfer over, not to mention lasagna to make from scratch (I’m a bit of a culinary masochist, yes?)

Never fear though. I’ll be back tomorrow with more fun, games, and nonsensical bric-a-brack.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Curve-Ball

  1. -Dane, You’re such a task-master! I suppose it makes no never-mind to you that I wrote 2,100 words today, does it? No, no, you always want more! Humph! I’ll have you know that my protagonist is considering quitting smoking. Can you not feel the strain from where you are?!?!?!

  2. Even though you’re going beyond 50k, you need to have a HUGE celebration at the finishing line!

  3. -Dane, TOTALLY!! I’m thinking that might just be a two martini day, with some pizza thrown in just to make it legitimate :) What are your 50K celebration plans…?

  4. -Wes, This is why I married you, Oh, and also because you’re smart and stuff…but mostly because of the brownies ;)

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