Twittering My Life Away

There is a lot going on in my life all of a sudden and I’m feeling piqued yet whelmed all at the same time (not overwhelmed, mind you. Just whelmed). First things first, if you look in the top right corner of this here blog, you’ll notice that I have succumbed to the dread siren song of Twitter. You can catch even more of my inanity there on a daily basis, should you so desire.

I had resisted Twitter before now for the sole reason that it requires one to update multiple times every day and, with all the blogs I’m running, I didn’t want the well to run dry, so to speak. During the course of my duties at Bottle Your Brand, however, I started using Twitter and was shocked by how much I like it.

It is to blogging what reading a People magazine poolside is to reading a Stephen King novel.

I’m really excited to try it though, so I’ll keep it up until I either run out of interesting things to say or collapse from the effort of hawking my wares on the Internet so much.

Alas, Twitter is not the only new thing going on in my life at the moment: I’ve signed up for a five week creative writing class! Not having already taken a class on creative writing whilst in college, I figured this would be a good idea and might even give me the skills I need to put some good sass into my first novel.

A wonderful friend of mine, Karen Burns of Working Girl fame, invited me to take a class with her starting next week and I jumped at the chance. It’ll be Monday nights from 5:30-8:30, though, so I’m more than daunted by the prospect of being away from home literally all day.

Compounding my anxiety is the fact that the class is in Seattle, so I have the dubious pleasure of commuting to Seattle at precisely the same time as about 1 million other people. Luckily, Karen lives close by so we can carpool but still. Seattle. Rush hour. Boo.

Other than that, things are peachy keen here at Casa de Mitchell. I watched the inauguration this morning and found it lovely. I wish President Obama nothing but the very best, but I really do not envy him the work he has ahead of him. He has the crushing weight of about a trillion expectations and hopes riding on his shoulders and it seems more than a little intimidating to me.

Did any of you watch the inauguration? What did you think of the proceedings?

6 thoughts on “Twittering My Life Away

  1. I can’t imagine the weight of the expectations that Obama is facing this morning. Just the thought makes ME want to crawl back into bed.

    I was stuck watching a computer monitor all day yesterday so didn’t get to see a television monitor until after all the excitement was over.

    I have just one question – what was with those pom-poms on Michelle’s ball dress?!

  2. -Mrs. Higrens, The dress she wore to the inauguration in the morning or the dress she wore to the galas afterward? My monitor was of poor quality so, if the pom poms were on her inauguration dress I definitely missed them. I’m generally averse to pom poms just on principle, though, so if they were there chances are good I thought them unnecessary.

  3. I thought her inauguration dress was pretty.

    It was the white gown she wore to the gala’s that looked like it had these little pom-poms hanging off it at regular intervals on the different layers. Tomorrow I’ll try to check to see if there are clearer pic’s online.

  4. -Mrs. Higrens, Yeah, I hear you on that one. The color was lovely on her but I feel like the style swallowed her waist a bit.

  5. -Matt, I’m pretty sure every occasion requires fireworks but that could just be me. I think I heard that Obama requested that the festitivites be toned down in a nod to current economic conditions.

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