Uncontrollable Bouts of Crying Are Normal, Right?

The festivities continue as casa de Mitchell is wallowing in upheaval. After about five minutes of searching I was able to locate the USB cable for my camera so that I could publish these pictures for your wondrement.

As I mentioned yesterday, my computer is now situated rather comfortably in my kitchen. The CPU is right next to my face while I’m working and it’s very weird to hear my computer grinding away every time I do anything.

As you can see, the space on this table is at a premium. Wes tried to work over here with me this morning and ended up sitting elsewhere because every time I used the mouse he had to lift up his laptop. These are not versatile solutions for modern living, I tell you. Wes’ brother started working on our stair railing this morning and those are now gone. Our painted-white iron stair railings are being replaced by lovely white wood ones with an oak stained trim. This is what our railing looks like currently:
I’m not sure this picture shows it the best but what you’re looking at is a precipice. The edge of the soon-to-be-trashed light blue carpet is a void, a chasm if you will, that will drop you a good ten feet to the staircase below. Hazards, people! In my home!

You may also be able to tell from this picture that there’s a nice pile of trash there, too. As I am not savvy enough to know what’s trash and what’s useful I can’t pick it up so this means that little Doc will have to strictly supervised while in the house. Just this morning he tried to eat a piece of the carpet that’d been removed. If you ask him, this is Christmas in puppy-ville because there’re so many new things to eat! If you ask me, this is Armageddon and none of us are going to make it out alive.

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