Up (or maybe down) A Creek

My oven looks like this, but on the inside.

I miss my oven.  Lo, do I miss my oven.  It broke a month ago, and we’ve since had someone come out to diagnose the problem and recommend a course of action.  A course of action that requires the simple replacement of a part.

A part that no one in the universe has, aside from the direct manufacturer in China.

Wes’ brother, who is a contractor, ordered the part for us from his supplier.  The problem is, the supplier won’t get a shipment of these until the end of November.

All of this wouldn’t be an issue, except for the fact that we’re supposed to host Thanksgiving dinner for my side of the family here.  And they’ll be here well before that elusive part ever shows up.

How in Sam Hill am I going to cook Thanksgiving dinner without a fracking oven?!

We had a good menu planned, too.  A very oven-intensive menu.  I was going to look past the fact that we don’t even have room for all the people who were coming over, and instead just focus on making enough food to distract them from the lack of adequate seating.

Now, though.  Well, I do believe this is what most experts consider being up the creek without a paddle*.  I just keep looking at my oven, trying to turn it on in the futile hope that it will spontaneously decide to get over its malaise and start working again.

Alas, no dice.  The unexpected side effect, however, has been a dearth of baked goods spilling forth from my fruitful oven.  The beginning of fall is always my favorite time to bake, and we can usually expect to gain a few pounds in the month of October thanks to my pumpkin bread, peanut butter cookies, and general love of all things baked and sweet.

This year, though, we’ve been rather subdued in that area.  I’m craving a fresh pumpkin pie like no one’s business, but then again, when am I not craving pumpkin pie?

So that’s the state of affairs of my appliance.  Riveting stuff, I know.

*Wouldn’t it be a good thing to be up a creek without a paddle?  You only really need a paddle when you’re trying to go up-river, but if you’re already up the river, isn’t that kind of a bonus?  You can just float down the river with the current, right?  I guess you might need a paddle to steer, but who says you can’t just dangle a leg out the side of your boat/canoe/kayak to give you a shove in the right direction every one in awhile?**

**Maybe we should amend the saying to be “down the creek without a paddle, with a desperate need to go up the creek”.  It doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as nicely, but I’d venture to say the truth is worth a bit of verbal wrangling.***

***Unless the creek in question is s*** creek, in which case…Ewwww.  I don’t care if you do have a paddle, if you’re up or down s*** creek, I’d say something’s gone horribly wrong.

6 thoughts on “Up (or maybe down) A Creek

  1. My mom’s old oven broke while she was cooking dinner for a party. Luckily every thing was cooked enough, but it was still pretty stressful.

    Maybe you could just grill everything?

  2. -Blanche, Oh my goodness! Our oven gave up its ghost the day after we had some friends over for dinner, so we really lucked out! I bet we could grill a green bean casserole! Wes is a grilling wizard ;)

  3. My oven broke last year ON Thanksgiving! Thankfully it was right after I took out the turkey. I was left to microwave to reheat the things I’d pre-cooked that morning. I thought that was a huge hassle, but yours is so much worse! Good luck!

  4. I’m sure that with two people who make their living on the interwebs/computers in the same house you’ve exhausted these routes, but have you tried ebay including other country’s ebays or simply posting the part you need on one of your blogs or twitter? You’ve got an impressive number of followers of both…

  5. -dc, Oh jeeze, the flattery! You really know how to make a blogging girl blush, huh? Sadly enough, it never even occurred to Wes and me to utilize the interwebs. Maybe when we get back from CA we’ll give it a shot…

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