Validation! Validation!

We took Monsieur Doc to a training facility in Issaquah on Tuesday. He has some lingering puppy-type issues that we wanted to ask a professional about so we scheduled an appointment and brought him in.

I have to admit, I was pretty nervous about the consultation. It’s so silly, but I truly felt like it wasn’t Doc who was being evaluated, it was us (meaning Wes and I). I tried to quell my nerves, however, and keep things in perspective. Besides, I knew we were going to McDonald’s afterward so no matter how bad the appointment went there would always be chicken doughnuts (Chicken McNuggets) to anesthetize the pain.

Upon exiting the car Doc went a little into overdrive. I’ve never seen him sniff around so much! He was very excited and distracted but once we got into the room we were asked to wait in he settled down a bit. The trainer came in and chatted with us awhile and even brought a Kong filled with peanut butter so Doc was quite happy and content.

We discussed the issues we’ve noticed and most of them can be chalked up to his age. She provided us with some tips to refine our training techniques but for the most part she said that we’re doing really well and to keep it up.

Man if that didn’t brighten my whole day. To hear her say that made all the hours of training, correction, and diligence worth it. Wes wasn’t as concerned with Doc’s issues as I was so he didn’t enjoy the appointment quite as much as I did. Personally, it felt really nice to know that we’re not completely clueless and irreparably ruining our dog.

So it’s official: Doc is a good dog. We told him that a lot but he didn’t seem to care all that much. He doesn’t need quite as much validation as I do.

What he does care about is the leaves. He’s in puppy heaven right now what with all the leaves falling down off the trees. Going for walks is a bit of a challenge for him because he truly just wants to sniff the leaves and chase them when they blow down the street.

He’s hilarious and he makes me laugh every day. Whether he’s tossing a chew up into the air in sheer jubilation or playing with his stuffed mouse (Professor McSqueaks) he’s always bringing me smiles.

One of my favorite things right now is when we’re walking in the morning (at 6:30am to be precise) and I get to watch the sunrise. It’s a gorgeous time right now because there are just enough clouds in the sky to make the sunrise a stunningly colorful opus of pink and orange.

Now, if I could only get him to stop attacking the schoolkids waiting for the bus (in a loving way, not a Cujo way) we’d really be in business.

2 thoughts on “Validation! Validation!

  1. Good Post!

    He’s currently attempting to eat his tire, so the outdoor toys idea really did work well!

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