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Two servings of the Dionysus plate, 1 lb. of Sweet Factory candy, two scoops of coffee ice cream, and two movie tickets later, Wes and I are back from our date.  I’ve had to wait all day to write this review, and I’m here to tell you that keeping impressions and ideas that long is harder than it looks.  This review’s been burning behind my eyes so long that I could probably write it in Farsi if you gave me enough time.

The overwhelming impression that Wes and I got from Watchmen is that we liked it.  A lot.  We think.  This movie bears a passing resemblance to Fight Club in that, after the first viewing, you’re pretty sure you liked it but feel as though another viewing would be helpful.

It’s a whole lot of movie, clocking in at just under three hours.  The story is long, convoluted, and well-developed but at no time did I feel confused or in the dark about anything (except perhaps Ozymandias’ strange mutant cat).  I think the movie did an excellent job of telling a story with a crucial backstory without making you feel like you should have read a fanfic novel before watching.

In my opinion, the movie makes the most sense split into two parts: the movie, and the ideology.  The movie itself is solid.  The dialogue, camera work, action sequences, and special effects are all seamless.  It’s a fast-paced movie that goes by quickly and leaves you feeling very satisfied.  It’s fun to watch, makes sense, and tells an interesting and robust story.

Oh.  And there’s a lot of glowing blue wang (moreso in this movie than in any other I’ve ever seen).  I’m not going to be mature about this.  I couldn’t not watch it while it was on screen.

The second part of the movie, the ideology, is a little harder to write about.  There are so many aspects of the story that could each bear the weight of a lengthy ideological argument that when I left the theater I felt a bit like my brain was in knots.  The role of the American government in foreign conflicts, human behavior in response to a threat, killing millions to save billions, all this and more is dissected and exploded on-screen but never quite resolved.

In order to truly say you enjoyed the movie, I think you would have to say with confidence that you truly understood the philosophical underpinnings of the story.  I’m certain there are people out there who can say this with alacrity.  I, however, am not one of them.

Stylistically, the movie was rich.  The imagery, flashbacks, and music were all meticulous.  I thought a few of the musical selections were odd (specifically, “Hallelujah” sung by Leonard Cohen during a love scene.  I couldn’t help but wonder why they picked that song, and it’s a really odd song to listen to when two people are going at it) but not so much that I’d complain about it.

Overall, it’s an excellent movie.  It’s fun to watch if you’re already acquainted with the story (like Wes) or if you’re a newb (like me).  I have the feeling this will be a favorite movie in our house for a long time.

The rest of the date was awesome, too.  I nearly had to remove my husband’s hand when he tried to sneak some of my sour gummy belts (I loooooooove Sweet Factory sour gummy belts.  So much so that they are not for sharing.  Ever.) but the rest of the evening was a perfect date.  We’re tired after being out so late, and a considerable number of dollars lighter, but we’re happy.  Money and time well spent.

4 thoughts on “Watchmen Review

  1. Indeed, thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I am one of those philosophy types and I have to say the movies embrace of Utilitarianism as political epistemology was a bit hard to swallow. I can’t say more without spoilers but part of me just wants to scream “oooooooh!”

  2. -Wesley, Yeah, you looked like you were chewing on some pretty meaty morsels when we left the movie. I would think, though, that your newfound love for Ayn Rand would predispose you to a love for utilitarianism. I always thought utilitarianism and egoism went hand in hand…?

  3. You had me running for the exit at almost 3 hours. For that reason alone I’ll be pushing for this to be a rental. There’s nothing worse than having to leave a movie theater to go to the bathroom and end up missing the crucial moment of the movie.

  4. -Blanche, Totally understandable! I sipped my water really slowly the whole movie because I didn’t want to have to get up! The 3 hours go by so quickly though that you barely notice. There’s so much action and crazy plot turns that you never have enough time to notice how long the movie’s been on.

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