Way Too Much Excitement

Oh my gosh, last week. LAST WEEK. When I took my belly photo on Wednesday morning, I had absolutely no idea what kind of day I was going to have. I figured I’d go to my midwife appointment and then lunch with Wes’s parents and that would be that.

Well, I did go to my prenatal appointment, where my midwife revealed that she still STILL wasn’t confident that Little Girl was head down. Between her and my other midwife’s uncertainty, Wes and I decided to heed their recommendation and schedule an ultrasound for later that afternoon.

After lunch, I headed to my ultrasound certain it was a waste of time and money. Ha ha, the joke was on me!

Baby Girl most certainly WAS breech. Breech breech breech. I saw her perfect fingers covering her chubby cheeks, and her fat little toes kicking up near her face, and felt my entire world shift on its axis.

This changed everything. EVERYTHING! I knew it was probably too late for an external cephalic version (where a doctor attempts to flip the baby head-down by moving her through your belly) to be effective, but I scheduled one for the next morning anyway. I wanted to make sure I did everything I could to prevent a c-section if it was in any way preventable.

And then I cried. I made a dozen phone calls on the way home and cried my way through most of them.

The next morning, Wes and I headed to my ECV bright and early. It was our very first visit to the Labor & Delivery ward and we were in jolly spirits. We had no idea what we were in for.

The ECV was painful. Excruciating, really. Horrible, horrible pain that was ultimately pointless because Little Girl would not be budged. After two attempts to flip her around, we all agreed there was no point putting me through a third attempt.

We went home. I scheduled a c-section for the next week. I cried some more.

I’ve been in complete, perfect shock for almost a week now. In the last few days I’ve started grieving the loss of the opportunity to bring my daughter into the world the way I’d planned, but I’m also trying to stay positive and see the upside to the whole situation.

My emotions are a huge, bubbling wreck and I alternate between excited and terrified on an hourly basis. I take comfort in my friends and family’s assurances that I’ll bounce back from my c-section faster than I would have thought possible. I take comfort in knowing that my Little Girl is going to be coming into the world safely courtesy of skilled hands.

But most of all I take comfort in knowing my daughter will be born July 5, after which I’ll never ever be pregnant again. This pregnancy has been way too exciting for my taste and I can’t wait to get my body back for good.

T-minus three days until I get to meet my daughter. I can’t wait.

3 thoughts on “Way Too Much Excitement

  1. A few thoughts, since I’m sure all the silver linings have been passed along already:
    -Don’t be too anxious to get yourself back out of the hospital. Yes, the nurses come in and out of your room way too many times overnight, but you’ll be up and down with getting nursing started anyway. Some enforced rest is not a bad thing! Also, take home as many of the supplies as you can.

    -Has any one warned you that having a c-section doesn’t prevent the lochia, but it can make it lighter?

    -Pack snacks. You’re guaranteed to be hungry at odd hours and as I learned to my disappointment, not all hospitals have 24hour room service. Can I tell you how much being served chili mac with no other options for dinner the night LO was born sucked? And then finding out that my friends who gave birth locally could order milkshakes and other food any time they wanted? Yeah, I was jealous!

    I can’t wait to meet your Little Girl in pictures! No doubt about it, she’s going to be even cuter than her big brother!

  2. I’m so excited for you to meet Little Girl!! And then for us to meet her, of course. And learn her perfectly wonderful little name.

    I’m sorry for your disappointment- I think your outlook of knowing exactly when you’re going to meet your daughter is the right one to take at this point (I wish that I could offer more words of wisdom, but my lack of experience dictates that I offer more in the way of sympathy, good vibes, and chocolate suggestions.)

  3. Long-time lurker here… hi there! I’m going to overload your comment box now. ;)

    Just wanted to chime in and say that c-sections really aren’t the terrible thing that many people make them out to be. I think the biggest thing is your mindset going in. If you’re upset about it and resistant to the idea, it’s probably not going to be very fun. If you’re open to it, it’s really not that bad at all.

    Personally, I chose to have a c-section. I wanted nothing to do with pushing a baby out through my ladybits… I like them just how they are! I went into labor 4 days before my due date, which just so happened to be the same morning I had a checkup with my doctor anyway. So I went into my normal appointment, and she sent me right on over to the hospital. We checked into the hospital at 4pm or so; they hooked me up to monitor me / see where they could fit me in. 4:45ish they told us that my surgery would be at 5pm. They handed hubby a gown; he got into that while I called family to let them know what was going on, and then we went in.

    The procedure itself really isn’t bad. The whole getting-a-shot-in-your-spine thing is a little scary, but I honestly didn’t feel much. The hard part was trying to follow their directions of “leaning forward/hunching over while still keeping your back straight” – or something like that. It was a pain, esp. with a huuuge baby belly. Anyway – that was the hardest part! The surgery itself was really quick and easy. They brought my back for the spinal block right at 5pm, and her official birth time was 5:20pm. It took maybe 5-10 minutes to have them sew me all up, during which hubby was in the recovery area holding the baby.

    I was expecting a lot of pain from the incision, but honestly there wasn’t much at all. I’m sure that’s from the drugs, but still. The hardest part for me was trying to take it easy – esp. with all the drugs, I tended to feel almost normal, and had to really remind myself to take it easy still.

    Sorry I sort of took over your comments here! I know you don’t know me at all, but if you want to chat more about the whole process, feel free to shoot me an email or something! The whole thing was really easy for me, and if we have number two someday, I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

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