We Lit the Night

On Saturday, Wes, Aidan, and I strapped on our walking shoes and high-tailed it to Green Lake (in Seattle), where we joined what must have been hundreds of other people to Light the Night.  The Light the Night walk is a walk against blood cancers (like leukemia and lymphoma) and we walked in honor of my Dad.

We had the very great pleasure of walking with my Dad’s biological family.  My Dad was adopted as an infant, and a little over ten years ago his biological family found him.  They live in Washington state, and he flew up to meet them and they got to know and love each other until my Dad passed away last year.

All of us got together on Saturday night, hoisted illuminated balloons in the air, and set out at twilight to walk 2.8 miles in memory of my Dad.  We were surrounded by families and teams, everyone walking and holding an illuminated balloon in different colors signifying whether they were supporters, patients, or they’d lost someone.

We all walked around the lake, and as the night grew darker the balloons and the moon were the only illumination.  All around us was happy chatter, and it was staggering to see how many people had come out to raise money and support blood cancer research.

Along the walk they had posters of the people who had passed away, and when we came to the one that had my Dad’s picture on it we all stopped.  I’m having a hard time explaining how it felt to see his picture there.  It was moving, and all of us were emotional to see him there.

As we walked away, it felt like my Dad was there with us.  Like he was on the walk with us.  And it made  me smile, because even though lymphoma ultimately defeated my Dad’s body I still maintain that it never got the best of him.  Still though, if we can help raise money to find a cure for lymphoma, I sure wouldn’t mind pushing lymphoma down a well and leaving it there, you know?

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