We Survived!

After an overly ambitious Christmas weekend filled with dinners, brunches, friends, and family, I’m entering the last week of 2011 feeling bedraggled but happy, sick but content.

What a weekend! We hosted two Christmas dinners and two Christmas brunches, with all the grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, and dishes that implies. Our very house feels exhausted, as though it simply cannot fathom the idea of welcoming one more person into it.

Still, it was worth it. I realized one night, after the dishes were done and I was sleep-walking my way through washing my hair, that if you have enough friends and family to celebrate Christmas with that you feel exhausted by the end of it, you are a very blessed person. If all those people effectively exhaust your toddler too so he sleeps well, then that’s just bonus blessing.

In case you’re curious about some of the food we made this weekend, here are some highlights I recommend:

  • Vegetable Tarte Tatin This dish stole the show! It’s a bit tricky to make but so worth it, the combination of flavors is lovely and it’s so pretty to serve.
  • Smashed Potato Gratin Maybe we smashed the potatoes a little too much, but this dish seemed to us to be just really fancy mashed potatoes. That said, they’re absolutely scrumptious fancy mashed potatoes.
  • Baked French Toast Casserole I made this for brunch on Christmas Eve, and served it with eggs and bacon. So tasty! The bread turns custardy overnight and the praline topping rounds it off nicely. Plus, you make this the night before so there’s less prep time in the morning.
As Aidan plays with his multitude of new toys, content and calm as a tiny Hindu cow, I can’t help but feel blessed. Blessed and content and calm. And tired. Oh, so very tired. How was your weekend?

3 thoughts on “We Survived!

  1. THANK YOU for the link to the veggie tart tatin! I’ve tried two differenced recipes in the past and the root veggies never cooked through enough. This method makes much more sense.

    Great holiday for us as well. The little one is still young enough to be completely oblivious to the presents, but enjoys spending time with family. The big on on the other hand…this is the year we got to enjoy the concept of “Santa.” :)

  2. We did the big dinner Christmas Eve in an attempt to minimize my stress over hosting the in-laws (hosing was my original typo…and yes, I think it was definitely Freudian).

    I still found myself baking biscuits for ham at 10:30 that night though. But strangely enough, without a big meal on Christmas, the day felt wrong, like just an ordinary day, despite the chaos of new toys and in-laws.

    Oh, and DH is now going into week 2 of the cold that Little One so generously shared with him, so he was sick for the weekend…waking both of us with his coughing fits and nose blowing.

    You are a stronger woman than I for doing so much, and while pregnant!

  3. -Annett, How fun! I mean, little kids love Christmas because it’s so exciting ad stimulating and OOOH SHINY but I can see how an older child will be even more fun to celebrate with. I hope you enjoy the vegetable tarte :)

    -Blanche, It always works out that way, where no matter how much you plan and prepare you always end up with tons of stuff to do late at night or in the hectic hour right before the meal is served. Poor DH, I also have a cold that’s been going on for two weeks. I’m so ready to stop coughing!

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