Wearing His Heart On His Head

It’s pretty amazing to look yourself up on Google nowadays. I was looking something up at work today and, on a lark, decided it would be fun to Google myself and see what was what. Apparently, I have been a busy little bee.

I am a dermatologist, a model (!), a real estate agent, an Amazon book reviewer, and a young woman living in Canada. My real self was there too (mostly thanks to my posts and profile on Qvisory) but I thought the other Erika Mitchells out there were funnier.

The one thing that absolutely made my day, though, was this:
No, I didn’t design this myself. It’s a pre-existing product that you can buy here. Wonders never cease!

The results of this earth-shattering discovery are self-evident:

  • Wes is going to have to wear this every day, every night, and every moment in between. The secondary clause to this agreement is that he must smile while he wears it.

That’s pretty much it. I suggested at work that this be the new mandatory uniform but, surprisingly, the idea didn’t catch on.

Have you ever Googled yourself for giggles? What are your alter-egos?

8 thoughts on “Wearing His Heart On His Head

  1. OK, this seemed like too much fun NOT to try….

    I was a Spanish actress/sex symbol in the 70s & 80s; I also received my Masters of Divinity degree in 1989 & then became the Director of Student services at a theological seminary (!); I must have free time at that job, as I am also an Illinois chiropractor and a blues singer. That's when I'm not getting arrested for trespassing and 'possession'. Whew! and here I thought I was just a Logistics Manager/Mom from Maine. Who knew?

  2. Let’s do that again. I hate typos of the dangling, incomplete sort.

    Google myself? Let’s see:

    A harsh reviewer who saves no breath criticizing a book that wastes his time; an alien-believer who searches for extraterrestrial intelligence; a shutterbug whose work has been shown on the Very Large Array’s photo gallery; a high school math teacher in Texas; an entrepreneurial engineering student in Wisconsin; a RoadsideAmerica tipster, travelling to weird and small roadside attractions; oh, and my favorite, a blogger with no original idea for self-expression…

    There is just one more thing: Yup, they are all me, the real me. I should know, eh?

  3. -Erika, it’s simple, really. You just have to live to be a very, very old fossil (like predating Generation Y)… Sooner or later you’ll find enough time to fit it all in.

    I found your blog through your Brazen Careerist comment. My question for you is, “How do you fit in all the blogging that you do?” :)

  4. -Gene, when I’m ancient and fossil-esque I hope my Google resume is as long and interesting as yours ;). As far as the blogging goes, I guess I fit it all in by not moving a whole lot. Actually, I just really love it and people pay me to do it so it just makes room for itself I guess!

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