Weight Loss Progress: Nil

Me at the end of December. Not much has changed since then.

Me at the end of December. Not much has changed since then.

Because I know you’ve all been frothing at the mouth for a typing progress report, I’ll sum the process up as such: It’s a long, laborious process, but I’m getting better every day. Impatient all the time, but better.

In other news, I haven’t posted anything about weight loss lately and that’s because there hasn’t been any since I re-tore my meniscus in December. I’ve managed to maintain my weight somewhat (give or take a few pounds) but no weight loss.

I’m still tracking my calories, and I walk for at least twenty minutes every day, but my weight isn’t budging. I suppose I should be happy I’m maintaining my weight, but it’s meager comfort. I’m happy with how I look and feel, but still technically overweight. Also, I miss working out. I really do.

I mean, yes, theoretically I could still go to the gym to do weight training for my arms and abs, but without cardio to balance it out I’ll never keep that regimen up. I loved the endorphine rush from a good session on the treadmill or elliptical, and I miss it all the time.

My only hope is to someday have access to a swimming pool that’s close by and affordable. I’ve tried swimming a few times and my knee seems to put up with it ok, but the pool is murder on my hair color.

Wes is optimistic that medical technology will advance to the point someday that a doctor will be able to inject stem cells into my knee and those stem cells will regenerate my meniscus. I’d be so happy. I’d be able to wear high heels again, play tennis, dance, and go up and down the stairs without pain or mortal fear of another injury.

Until then, I’ll just have to keep munching down on carrot sticks, walking, writing characters who run so I can still pretend to be a runner, and trying like crazy to avoid all the junk foods that instantly start their siren calls again as soon as I stop exercising.

4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Progress: Nil

  1. Hurray for maintaining!!!

    I hear you on the itch to do more than walk, which I’m totally impressed you’re keeping up with since in your position I wouldn’t be doing anything since I. am. LAZY.

    The gym chain I belong to has some locations with pools, sadly the one which is closest does not, and I have not ventured to the next closest to try it out. Good luck on finding the holy grail of location/cost so you can kick booty again.

  2. -Blanche, I feel like gym proximity is so important! There’s a community pool twenty minutes away from my house, but that adds such a huge time commitment to the morning that it’s prohibitive. Our lease is up in July, so we might be moving the the next city over where the pools are. We’ll see!

  3. Exactly! The closest gym location with a pool is 20 minutes away. It’s near Target, so I’m there at least once a week any way, but when you factor in 2-way travel plus workout plus any other shopping in the area, the whole morning has been eaten.

    Plus, I’m limited to the mornings when LO is at preschool because I didn’t go for the membership level which includes childcare. If she wasn’t at preschool it absolutely would have been worth the extra $ per month!

  4. -Blanche, Yep, I feel like being a stay at home mom changes the workout equation. I know some parents who wake up waaaaaay early (5 AM) to work out, but they have far more fortitude than I do. I’m an early morning wimp!

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