Wes Makes Dreams Come True, Not Unlike a Leprechaun

More than anything else, there is one thing that has been more important than all others when it comes to my weight loss journey. A gym membership is great, a personal trainer is even better, and the drive to make a goal and stick with it is paramount.

But the most important thing I’ve needed? Is support and encouragement from Wes.

Without Wes, none of this works. First of all, he pays for my gym membership (I’m a stay at home mother working on getting published, which means I pull in precisely $0 per year).

Second, he makes himself available to hang out with Aidan during those times when I’m working with my personal trainers or sweating it out at the gym. There’s no way I could tote Aidan with me to either of those places, so without Wes I’d be sunk.

Third, he encourages me during the meals we eat together. Rather than eating desserts in front of me or asking me whether I want seconds, he tells me how proud he is of me and how skinny I’m getting.

If I’ve accomplished anything with my writing or weight loss, it’s because I have a husband who believes in me and makes the incredible life I live possible.

That’s all I have to say about the subject. I just thought you needed to know how much I appreciate my husband. You know what else I appreciate? St. Patrick’s Day!

Awful segue-ways aside, have a great St. Patrick’s Day, everyone! And just remember, corned beef is for winners.

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