World’s Longest Post

I have been tagged for a blogging meme! What this means is that a fellow blogger, in this case the lovely lady from Perception, has tagged me to continue a meme she herself was tagged for. This meme is called “15 Things You Didn’t Know About Me” and here are the instructions I was given for it:

  • “For every answer for the following question you have to do a google/live image search and pick a picture on the first page with minimal explanation”

So, without any ado whatsoever, I present to you a photographic 15 things you may not have known about me (I have to say it that way because some of the people who read my stuff may be married to me or have known me since I was in diapers):

Favorite place: The kitchen, though preferably not with half-opened cupboards and cats in baskets.Favorite food: Anything and almost anything breakfast. Time of day is irrelevant, hot cocoa with whipped cream is crucial.Favorite color combination: Red and yellow, especially on flowers, pleases my eyes greatly. Not so much with the McDonald’s decor though.Favorite pet: Well of course that would be Doc Holliday, who was named after our favorite character in an awesome movie. Which would be Tombstone. Naturally.Favorite drink: This one was a heated tie between coffee and a cosmo but, at the end of the day, who am I kidding? One look at this photo and I’m making doe-eyes at the freezer.A place you’d like to travel to: Paris now, Paris tomorrow, Paris forever. I would like few things better than to spend a month in Paris, renting a petit apartment in paris and just living the life, taking in the culture, and eating baskets of bread and cheese.Favorite TV show: CSI is one of a host of shows that makes me go bananas, but it’s unique in that it’s made it eight season now without going completely off the rails.Worst fear: I sure would hate to drown. I gt panicky if I feel like I can’t breathe, so I would say drowning is my worst fear.First thing you’d buy if you had $1 million: Two old people. Sort of. I’d probably make sure Wes and I were set for retirement and hundreds of adventures during our golden years.What or who you’d want to be in the next life: I’d be nothing because I don’t believe in a next life. Just considering going through middle school again should be enough to cure anyone of desires for reincarnation.If you had to punch someone who would that be? Probably Chuck Norris, because I’m certain if I punched him I’d actually get some good sleep. And an awesome story to tell people.What would you do on a rainy day? Drink so much hot chocolate I’d never feel cold again.If you could time travel where would you be now? Right here. I’m thinking it’s a pretty good place to be.One thing that has fascinated you lately: Babies. The having of, caring for, and growing of babies.Now I get to tag three people! OK, Matt, Mrs. Higrens, and Lissie: Tag, you’re it!

4 thoughts on “World’s Longest Post

  1. This should be fun. Anything to kill the hours of nothing I’m getting paid to do at work.

  2. Funny how I didnt know some of these things. Paris eh? I knew red and yellow color combination, dunno how :) And I simply loved your answer to your place of time travel- right here sweet! And ofcourse the million dollar answer, i am sure Wes will be happy to read that. Thanks for accepting the tag and enjoying it.

  3. -Perception, I had a lot of fun! It’s fun to read everyone else’s answers on their blogs too. What a fun idea!

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