World’s Most Expensive Weather Predictor

I’ve found a disturbing trend recently that I feel compelled to share. It’s a little early to say with certainty, but I think my dog might be able to predict simultaneous snow showers and power outages. Bear with me, I know this sounds a little crazy, but hear me out.

When we had Doc neutered, it was a simple one day procedure that didn’t require him to stay overnight. The day after we brought him home it snowed and the power was out for around seven hours. We dealt with it the only way we know how (light as many candles as you can safely fit onto the least-flammable surfaces in your house) and didn’t think much of the whole situation.

Fast forward to last night. We brought Doc home in the morning and it started snowing sometime during the afternoon. It snowed throughout the afternoon and by the evening the snow was sticking to the ground and Wes and I knew we were in for the night. Right before the end of a show we were watching (CSI: New York, in case you’re curious) the power went out and stayed out for four hours.

Like I said, it’s too early to call this a definite thing. It is, however, very strange that on both of the days where we’ve brought Doc home from surgery it’s snowed and the power’s gone out. I hope I won’t have occasion to test my theory again as I don’t want Doc to have any more surgeries. If I do have to test it again, though, rest assured that I will be paying attention to the weather the day we bring Doc home. If it snows and the power goes out we might just have to get Doc a job as a weather forecaster.

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